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prevent immobilization

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prevent immobilization
1) interchange check
Interchange check is a dynamic check. It requires a match with a series of plug and socket can be mutually inserted and matched connection, find out whether due to insulator, contact parts dimension tolerance, lack of equipment parts and assembly is not in place and other reasons caused the cannot be inserted, positioning and locking, even under rotational force under cause disintegration. Swap another role of inspection is through screw thread, bayonet plug connected to discover whether the impact of the insulating properties of the metal residue. Therefore, some of the important use of the terminal should be 100% to carry out the project to check, in order to avoid such a major fatal accident.
Torque check of 2)
Resistance torque check method for assessment of terminal structure reliability is very effective. As the standard of MIL-L-39012 standard. According to the standard for every batch of samples should be pumping resistance torque check, found problems in a timely manner.
3) pressure wire measurement
In Denso often find individual core crimp wire feeding is not in place, or to lock after contact, is not reliable. Analysis of the reason is the individual installation hole thread burr or dirt stuck at. Especially plants have been Denso to a plug seat last few mounting hole, after the discovery of the defects had to the installed some hole pressure wire one discharge to replace the plug socket. In addition, the wire diameter and the crimping aperture with the improper crimping process or due to operational errors, crimping terminal will be caused by the accident. Therefore, production plant in the finished product before leaving the factory to samples of the delivery of the plug (socket) all mounting hole of measurement, namely handling tools will pressure is connected with a pin or Jack wire simulation send in place, check whether the lock. According to the provisions of the product technical conditions, to check one by one of the crimp wire pull-out force.
No terminal reliable, there is no reliable system engineering. The failure and reliability are corresponding to two aspects of a contradiction and the relationship. By terminal reliability screening found various failure modes and failure mechanisms, leads to lots of experience and eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers, for improved design, process, inspection and to provide the scientific basis, it is revised and important basis for making the technological conditions of wiring terminals. For failure prevention measures implemented by the failure as a reliable transformation, is the ultimate goal of failure analysis.

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