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The difference between terminal wiring and welding (pressing) copper terminal

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The difference between terminal wiring and welding (pressing) copper terminal


What time does the terminal and the terminal external wiring separately apply? Is not less than 6 square to apply? Is that usually a terminal or a terminal? Welding (pressure) copper terminals when to apply


1. A terminal and the external terminals is the wire is connected to a terminal board terminal and quota of work is: unpacking, inspection, installation, table meter disassembling and assembling, testing, calibration curve, set insulating tube, pressure welding terminal, terminal;


2 the sectional area of the conductor is 2.5 and 6.


3 is a set of terminal or terminal, to see the design or construction requirements, if the installation costs of the box contains wiring and terminal content, regardless of the cost.


4 building electrical engineering construction quality acceptance specification GB 2002 - 50303 of the provisions are as follows:


18.2 general projects

The connection of 18.2.1 core wire and electrical equipment shall be in accordance with the following provisions:


1 section area in 10mm2 and the following single stranded copper core and single strand aluminum wire directly connected with the equipment, the terminal connection;


The 2 section connected to the terminal strands of copper wire tightening tin 2.5mm2 and below or after connecting terminal equipment, and appliances;


Three cross-sectional area more than 2.5mm2, multi strand copper wire, in addition to bring their own equipment, plug type terminals outside, connecting terminal and terminal device, or appliance connection; multi strand copper wire and plug terminal is connected with the front, end is tightened lining tin;


4 multi Stranded Aluminum core wire connecting terminal is connected with the terminal of the equipment and appliance;


5 the terminals of each equipment and appliance are not more than 2 wires.


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